Sandra Mohr, Free Animal Video & Robert Light, Aquarium politics

To start this episode, Alison discusses animal sentience and the “similar minds” theory as presented in the book “Animals as Persons: Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation”, by Gary Francione. Do animals have sentience? And does this, or the “intelligence” of an animal matter as to whether they should be afforded moral consideration or not?

Sandra Mohr, Free Animal Video

Sandra Mohr is a professional editor and director in Hollywood. She edited “Behind the Mask” among many other animal rights documentaries.  Sandra founded to provide high quality animal rights video footage to the press, animal rights organizations and anyone wanting easy and immediate access to high quality animal stock footage without worrying about fees, licensing or copy right issues.  For more information visit

Robert Light, Vancouver Aquarium & Park Board politics

Robert Light is an activist who has been fighting to free the whales & dolphins from the Vancouver Aquarium for decades.  We asked Robert to speak to us after another disappointing decision by the Park Board to deny Vancouverites the opportunity to vote on the issue of keeping cetaceans in captivity. The Vancouver Aquarium sits on city property leased by the Park Board. This means that any Aquarium business is under the jurisdiction of the city and should be subject for public discourse.  Unfortunately, in the past 2 decades, the Park Board has acted as an agent for the Aquarium by denying the people of Vancouver the right to vote on the issue of captive cetaceans.  Robert has a plan to defeat the deceitful Park Board and finally end the imprisonment of cetaceans in the Vancouver Aquarium.

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