Save the Whales, and Creative Online Activism

In this episode, Joanne explains why there is no such thing as a “responsible breeder”. Then we speak to animal activist Glenn Gaetz, Director of the local organization Liberation BC, about Creative Online Activism. For our feature interview, we delve into the issue of the pending proposal of the International Whaling Commission to end the 24-year moratorium on commercial whaling. We speak with Kitty Block, Vice-President of the Humane Society International, live from the location of the IWC meeting meeting in Agadir, Morocco where the whales’ fate will be decided.

Glenn Gaetz, Creative Online Activism

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, websites. How are these online tools useful to convey your message of animal activism to the masses, and how do we effectly utilize them? We speak with Director of the organization Liberation BC and online activist expert Glenn Gaetz on the subject, who will be sharing tips and information on creative online activism.

Kitty Block, Humane Society International, on Saving the Whales

For our feature interview, we have Kitty Block on the show, who is the Vice President of the Humane Society International, one of the few international animal protection organizations in the world working to protect all animals, and that includes the whales. Next week, at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission, in Agadir, Morocco, a proposal is on the table that could see the end of the 24-year moratorium on commercial whaling. This moratorium has been considered to be one of the greatest environmental achievements of the 20th century. Kitty joins us live from Morocco, where she is attending the meeting of the IWC, to speak to us about this issue.

Actor Pierce Brosnan is also speaking up for the whales, and has created a television ad with HSI and the Humane Society for the United States to bring attention to the issue. You can view the video here.

The fate of the whales is in the hands of the IWC on June 21st.

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