Everything you want to know about Uvic and urban rabbit overpopulation

Helen Savkovic with Richmond Animal Protection Society

Helen Savkovic is the Office Administrator for the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS).  The organization recently succeeded in achieving a ban in the sales of rabbits from pet stores in Richmond.   Helen shares her knowledge about rabbit reproduction and explains why the University of Victoria’s decision to  cull rabbits is going to result in a rabbit population explosion.  RAPS is currently working on a ban in the sales of all pets in Richmond.  Please visit the shelter to sign a petition.

Laura Leah Shaw and the Uvic rabbit cull campaign

Laura Leah Shaw is a Vancouver realtor who is also an advocate for animals. She recently got involved in a campaign to stop the rabbit cull on the campus of the University of Victoria. Through her outreach work, Laura Leah discovered that students, tourists and even neighboring residences all around UVic are disappointed and even disgusted with the university’s actions.  Anyone interested in helping with protests and outreach on behalf of the rabbits are invited to contact Laura Leah at laura-leah@shaw.ca or visit the website.

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