Tag: DxE

An Activist’s Quest to Veganize the World (Part 2)

An Activist’s Quest to Veganize the World (Part 2) with Caroline Carnerie, a review of The Herbivorous Butcher, and local activist Almira Tanner shares her latest news in working towards animal liberation.

The 2015 Animal Rights National Conference Report Show

Our annual Animal Rights National Conference Report show! Featuring discussion, reviews, lecture clips and short interviews from this year’s AR Conference, held July 30-Aug 2 in Washington, DC.

Open Rescue and Respecting Women in Activist Communities

We speak with Wayne Hsuing about the recent open rescue that he was involved with from a Whole Foods egg supplier. We also share an interview with Ashley Maier on sexual assault in activist communities, as well as the connections between feminism and animal rights.

The B.C. Wolf Cull, and The Inherent Cruelties (and Politics) of Foie Gras

Vegan consumerism vs. animal liberation; an interview with Pacific Wild’s Ian McAllister on the B.C. wolf cull; and a feature interview with Compassion Over Killing’s Liz Hallinan on the cruelties and politics of foie gras.

Empty All Cages: Prison Abolition and Animal Liberation

We speak with Sue Brown, an anti-prison and animal, activist, about the connections between animal liberation and prison abolition. We also chat about last week’s memorable Whole Foods demo and why they are a target.

The Bunny Alliance, and Disrupting Speciesism

We speak with Amanda of The Bunny Alliance about the Fight or Flight Tour, and Almira Tanner about Direct Action Everywhere’s Disrupt Speciesism challenge.

UNITY within Animal Rights

Discussion on the World Weeks for the Abolition of Meat, and a feature interview with Wayne Hsiung of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), a direct action network for animal liberation.