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Compassionate Action: Be Fair Be Vegan Toronto, and Almira Tanner on the California Fur Ban

A feature interview with DxE’s Almira Tanner on this week’s ban of fur in the State of California. Plus, the BeFairBeVegan media campaign takes over the transit system of Toronto and MontrĂ©al.

Giving to RASTA sanctuary for Christmas, and Whole Foods drops charges against DXE’s Wayne Hsiung

Why not give the gift of animal sponsorship at a sanctuary this Christmas? Also, DXE exposes the humane lies told by Whole Foods.

An Activist’s Quest to Veganize the World (Part 2)

An Activist’s Quest to Veganize the World (Part 2) with Caroline Carnerie, a review of The Herbivorous Butcher, and local activist Almira Tanner shares her latest news in working towards animal liberation.