Author: Jackie

Dolphins in Japan Show

An interview with Mel Tran, organizer of the World Japan Dolphins Day demonstration taking place in Vancouver.

Whales in Captivity Show: “Blackfish” director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, and Annelise Sorg of No Whales in Captivity

Here’s this week’s podcast!

This show starts with a discussion about wild animals in captivity, and a few of the reasons why this may not be the ideal place for them to live. Gabriela Cowperthwaite, director of “Blackfish”  We…

Vegan Secret Supper, Northwest Animal Rights Network, and the “Humane” meat myth

Here is today’s show:

We start today’s show with a chat about Whole Foods recent “Earthling’s” campaign and the myth of “humane meat”. We speak with Rachel Bjork of the Seattle-based Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) about their current…

Marineland Animal Defense, Stop UBC Animal Research, Rescued Hens

Here’s this week’s show!

First, in continuing our celebration of International Respect for Chickens month, Alison shares some stories about her childhood companion animal, Willie, the chicken. Marineland Animal Defense Today we feature an interview with Wendy, an organizer with Marineland…

Our Freestyle Show: Respect the chickens, Vegan Story, Questions-Answers, and Kindness

Here’s this week’s show:

We begin May with a more open, casual show. We start with a discussion on kindness, and how being kind changes in a person once they embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle. We also ask our listeners…

Cow Ribbons, Webcams in Slaughterhouses, and Animal Documentary Reviews

Here’s this week’s show:

To start the show, we’ll be discussing the idea of having mandatory webcams in slaughterhouses that anyone can have access to, to enable the consumer full transparency when it comes to seeing how our food…

Steve Hindi, SHARK, on Pigeon Shooting; & Dr. Olivier Berreville, International Network for Humane Education

Review of the Vegan Mashup cooking series, plus veg-friendly Freshii restaurant; a feature interview with Steve Hindi of SHARK, on the campaign to stop pigeon shooting; and and interview with Dr. Olivier Berreville of the International Network for Humane Education.

The Doc Show: Tribe of Heart and The Ghosts In Our Machine

An interview with filmmaker Liz Marshall on her film “The Ghosts In Our Machine”; and an interview with filmmaker James Lavec of the organization Tribe of Heart.

Glenn Gaetz, Animal Advocacy Camp; & Carol Hine, Senior Animals in Need Today Society (SAINTS)

A review of the cookbook “Chloe’s Kitchen”, an interview with Liberation BC’s Glenn Gaetz on Vancouver Animal Advocacy Camp; and an interview with Carol Hine, of the Senior Animals in Need Today Society (SAINTS) animal sanctuary.