Our Freestyle Show: Respect the chickens, Vegan Story, Questions-Answers, and Kindness

We begin May with a more open, casual show. We start with a discussion on kindness, and how being kind changes in a person once they embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle. We also ask our listeners to call in and ask us their burning questions! (call us at the studio line at 604-684-7561)

Cynthia joins us today and shares her vegan transition story and some of the experiences that were part of her journey.

Respect The Chickens! 

Leading up to International Respect For Chickens day, Jackie shares some facts about chickens unique attributes, personality traits, and the unfortunate situations in which these beautiful beings are currently being exploited. Liberation BC will be having a leafletting event at Grandview Park on May 4th, so please join in and help speak up for the chickens!


Chicken taking a dustbath:

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Scene from Peaceable Kingdom, Chick and Hen:

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