Author: Carole Davies-MacIntosh

A Movement for the Animals, for the Planet, for You: Nation Rising

Nation Rising: A Movement for the Animals, the Planet and You

Nation Rising – A Report on Their Second Annual Rally. Also the Captivating Truth About Frogs with Matt Ellerbeck

Featuring interviews with frog advocate Matt Ellerbeck and Nation Rising co-founder Darlene Levecque.

Veganic Farming and Gardening with Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt from “Brightside Blueberries and Such” is an early adopter of Veganic farming in British Columbia. Join us as we discover various ways to enhance our gardens organically and cruelty free.

Vervet Monkey Foundation Has A Dream

Josie Du Toit and the rest of the Vervet Monkey Foundation are excitedly pursuing a dream: a Vervet Forest.

Mark Hawthorne just released an expanded version of Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism

Interviews with author Mark Hawthorne on his updated book “Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism”, and Dr. Katherine Van Ekert on Lulelumon’s refusal to stop using down in their clothing products.

Animals in Science Policy Institute’s Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy and Dr. Jonathan Balcombe, author of “What A Fish Knows”

A feature interview with Elisabeth Normandy of the Animals in Science Policy Institute on bringing non-animal teaching methods to the classroom. Plus, an interview with ethologist Jonathan Balcombe on the sentience of fishes.

Plant-based Dietitian Desiree Nielsen and Andy Tabar of The Bearded Vegans

A feature interview with dietitian Desiree Neilsen, RD on Plant-Based Nutrition. Plus, a discussion about vegan body shaming, and a short interview with Jordan Reichert, from the Animal Protection Party of Canada, on voting in the BC referendum.