Plant-based Dietitian Desiree Nielsen and Andy Tabar of The Bearded Vegans

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First up, we have a short interview with Jordan Reichert of the Animal Protection Party of Canada, to explain why it’s important to vote for a voting system of proportional representation for the animals and the environment in the current BC referendum. Ballots are due on November 30th, so submit your ballot now!

Desiree Nielsen, RD, Speaks on Plant-Based Nutrition

Desiree Nielsen, RD

Desiree Nielsen, RD

Vancouver-based Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian, author and ambassador for the good (for you) life. She runs a nutrition consulting practice with a focus on inflammation, digestion and plant-centred diets. Desiree also hosts “The Urban Vegetarian” on Gusto TV and is co-founder of My Healthy Gut, a research-backed iOS app for digestive health.

She has 2 books on anti-inflammatory nutrition one available at book store and Amazon, Un-Junk Your Diet: How to shop, cook and eat to fight inflammation and feel better, forever and slated for release in August 2019 her new cookbook, Eat More Plants: 100 Anti-inflammatory Plant-centred Recipes for Vibrant Living. 

Desiree joins us to talk about transitioning to a whole foods plant based diet from wherever you are now. “I believe in real food for real life: healthy eating should be delicious, simple and fun. No deprivation, no guilt, no garbage.”


Andy Tabar of The Bearded Vegans tells his story of Vegan Body Shaming

Andy Tabar is half of The Bearded Vegans podcast team, an animal rights activist, movie theatre etiquette enthusiast, and owner of Compassion Co, an organic vegan clothing line. Andy has completed three tours with the 10 Billion Lives tour educating college students and concert goers about the cruelty inherent in animal agriculture. Currently, Andy lives nomadically in his van as he brings Compassion Co to veg fests coast to coast, all while eating at as many vegan restaurants as possible.

A vegan for over 11 years, Andy is frequently the target of body shaming.  He tells this story to Veg Fest Colorado and speaks about why this sort of thing must stop. “The animals need all of us.”


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