Nation Rising – A Report on Their Second Annual Rally. Also the Captivating Truth About Frogs with Matt Ellerbeck

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Three animal activists created Nation Rising in 2017 to advance these demands:

1) Stop the multi-million dollar subsidies to animal agriculture
2) Make healthy plant-based food affordable for all Canadians
3) Provide financial and procedural assistance to farmers transitioning from animal to plant agriculture.

We speak with Darlene Levecque about Nation Rising’s second rally at Parliament Hill and chat about how the upcoming national election provides a great opportunity to get these messages out to the Members of Parliament.

Matt Ellerbeck has been working with and studying amphibians and reptiles for 13 years. He joins us for an interesting discussion about frogs.

Did you know frogs swallow their food with their eye balls? Some frogs actually freeze in the winter — find out which ones. How can frogs survive in a desert? Are frogs good parents? Listen to find out.

Conservation and protection of frogs and other amphibians is not only good for them, but also for us. Frogs absorb most of their water and sometimes their air through their permeable skin. This makes them highly sensitive to toxins in their environment and they are considered important biological barometers of ecological health.