Encore Episode: The Thanksgiving Show 2011

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In this rebroadcasted episode, Morgan gives his unique impressions on the pro-vegan diet film Forks Over Knives, which he just saw recently. And Tara talks about her turkey leafletting activism in downtown Vancouver this week. (The said turkey leaflet can be viewed and printed from here.)

Practical Tips for Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving

We present Practical Tips for Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving – an amalgamation of our experiences and advice that we can bring to you with regards to making your compassionate Thanksgiving dinner this year stress-free and of course, cruelty-free. We  talk about how to easily veganize popular holiday dishes and how to deal with friends and family who may not be used to you wanting to go cruelty-free for this year’s dinner.

For hundreds of traditional and more creative vegan Thanksgiving recipes, we recommend these websites:

Plus take a look at these Thanksgiving recipes as well, by vegan cookbook author Robin Robertson.

Susie Coston, National Shelter Director, on Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres, and turkeys!

Buns the Turkey, at Animal Acres

Our feature interview today is with Susie Coston, who is Farm Sanctuary‘s National Shelter Director. As a committed farm animal caregiver for more than a decade, Susie has been a mentor for many of her peers (who have started their own sanctuaries throughout the U.S.) and is well-known for bringing the animals’ stories of love, loss and life to the public. Currently, she oversees a full department of caregivers, feeders, cleaners, and project workers at the New York Shelter, ensuring that hundreds of animals are given the best possible care at every stage of their lives, and she has also been recently working at Farm Sanctuary’s newest and third shelter, in Southern California: Animal Acres.

Susie talks to us about Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres, as well as turkeys, in honour of this weekend’s Canadian Thanksgiving. Learn about the unique behaviors of turkeys that make them so much more than a centrepiece carcass on your table, and learn about the amazing educational outreach work that Farm Sanctuary does to encourage the public to create personal connections between farmed animals and human beings.

Every year, Farm Sanctuary holds annual Thanksgiving outreach events at the shelters where people are encouraged to feed a turkey (cranberries!) instead of eating a turkey. This video shows highlights from Animal Acres 2007 Thankful Turkeys Celebration event:

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