Growing Activism in 2021: Animal Justice Academy, and Veganuary

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This week, we interview Kimberly Carroll to discuss the Animal Justice Academy. Kimberly is the campaigns strategist with Animal Justice and the director of the Animal Justice Academy . We also speak to activist Jake Conroy aka the Cranky Vegan about how vegans can change the perceptions of others on veganism.

Feature Interview with Kimberly Carroll of Animal Justice Academy

This week, we interview Kimberly Carroll who is a coach for Changemakers, the campaigns strategist with Animal Justice, and the Animal Justice Academy director. Kimberly Carrol is also a director with the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank which she founded in order to provide cruelty-free, environmentally-conscious, and healthy foods to those living under the poverty line. She coaches different leaders, activists, healers, and entrepreneurs to help maximize their impacts on the world and help cultivate strategies to take their important work to the next level.

 Additionally, Carrol was one of the founders of Mercy For Animals Canada and helped bring the first undercover farmed animal investigations to television. At Animal Justice, she spearheaded Canada’s biggest animal protection billboard campaign ever in support of the Animal Charter, produces their video content, and has helped make the organization a leading voice for animals in Canada.  At the Animal Justice Academy, there will be Over 80 teachers sharing their knowledge on activism strategies, vegan philosophies, what it is like to go undercover, do outreach, and much much more. Kimberly Carroll produced the video content and has worked tirelessly to build the Academy. Needless to say, Kimberly is a powerhouse in the vegan community. 

With the Animal Justice Academy, she Kimberly Carrol called for all of the most influential and knowledgeable animal activists in their field. Registration closes on the 26th of January and the whole academy is free. You can pick through a suite of subjects that peak your interest to help motivate more vegan action in 2021.

Efficacy of Veganuary with the Cranky Vegan

Veganuary has arrived and we have reached week three… but does it really matter? So you have been eating ethically for three weeks now, but we want to know if you are going to keep it up once February hits. Are you eating vegan for your health or because you really do care about animal liberation? Does it make sense to support companies like KFC when they sell a vegan chick’n burger for a month out of the year? Does that company actually support veganism, or is all of this just driving more of a divide into the animal rights movement? 

We sit down and talk to the Cranky Vegan (Jake Conroy) about how vegans can actively fight to change how people approach veganism rather than just how people shop or eat.


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