Vegan Holiday Cooking with The Tasty K, Kirsten Kaminski, plus Tosha Lobsinger on Zero Waste for the Holidays (and beyond!)

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Happy Holidays from Animal Voices!

To start the show, we speak about our favourite recipes and plant-based foods to make for the holiday season. 

Tosha Lobsinger on the Vegan Zero-Waste Holiday Market, and living the zero waste vegan lifestyle

For our first interview, we welcome back Tosha Lobsinger on the show from the Peace People Project. Tosha is a vegan and lives a “zero waste” lifestyle, and believes that we can do better for the Earth by living minimally, using things until they’re broken, and always sourcing from existing materials before creating a new demand for production. Tosha also believes that we can do better for the animals by freeing them from human control and by speaking on their behalf every day.

The holidays are upon us here again, and this Sunday, Tosha is hosting a “Zero-Waste Vegan Holiday Market”, open to all, in Vancouver. This market will offer an opportunity to reduce trash and cruelty with your holiday food and gift shopping this year! We will learn more about the event, and more tips on living a more zero waste lifestyle this holiday season.

You may be wondering how a market of vendors selling goods and services can be called “zero waste”. Well, there will be NOTHING NEW and NOTHING PACKAGED for sale!

Last year, we spent a whole show speaking with Tosha about living zero-waste vegan for the holidays, and beyond, and that interview can be heard here. Highly recommended!

Enjoy this trailer for the Zero-Waste Vegan Holiday Market, taking place on December 15th at The Pace at 520 Alexander Street from 11am-5pm:

Kirsten Kaminski, The Tasty K, on Vegan Holiday Cooking

Kirsten Kaminski, The Tasty K, and her new book “Vegan Holiday Cooking”.

For our feature interview, we have Kirsten Kaminski on the show, who is otherwise known in the social media and webosphere as The Tasty K!

Kirsten is the creator of The Tasty K blog and social media channels that feature her writing, photography and videography on vegan cooking, sustainability, and travel insights. Her mouth-watering recipe videos and travel guides have amassed millions of views, steering a social media-saavy generation towards learning the joy of making vegan food.

And now, just in time for the holiday season, Kirsten has authored a cookbook for the holidays entitled “Vegan Holiday Cooking: 60 Meatless, Dairy-Free Recipes Full of Festive Flavours”. We are excited to present Kirsten on the show to tell us about the new book and her advocacy towards sustainable and delicious plant-based living.

To be enticed by Kirsten’s recipes yourself, check out here Instagram and Facebook pages. Also, enjoy one of her trademark mouth-watering recipe videos here!