Joanne Chang on Vegan Shoes, Parenting, and More

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How Fish Farming and Land-Based Animal Agriculture Affect Our Oceans

In honor of Greenpeace Day and Coastal Cleanup Day on September 15th, we present a segment from a panel discussion featuring authors Hope Bohanec, David Robinson Simon, J.D., and Dr. Will Tuttle. They respond to an audience question about how animal agriculture affects ocean acidification and ocean dead zones.

Joanne Chang, Activist and Entrepreneur

Our feature interview is with Vancouver-based vegan activist and entrepreneur Joanne Chang, co-founder and co-owner of Nice Shoes. She speaks with us on what it’s like running a vegan business, doing animal advocacy, and raising a healthy vegan baby, as well as how the vegan scene has changed in Vancouver since she herself adopted the lifestyle in 1994.

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