Rise of the Necrofauna: Britt Wray on De-Extinction

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We open this show with a discussion: When should we refer to food as “cruelty free?”

Film Review: The Valley of the Wolves

Amir presents his review of French documentary film La Vallee des loups (The Valley of the Wolves).  Filmmaker Jean-Michel Bertrand, who grew up in the Alps, spent three years alone, single-mindedly reading clues and seeking out the wolves in their natural habitat. He employed multiple motion-activated camera set-ups in his search, and, gradually, he not only found a wolf pack, but he also managed to closely observe them—and then ended up being accepted by the group.



Britt Wray, Author: Rise of the Necrofauna 

What happens when we bring now-extinct species back to life? Our feature interview is with Britt Wray, documentarist, science writer, and author of the new book Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics, and Risks of De-Extinction.

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