Inspirational Mothers of the Animal Rights Community and Their Vegan Activist Kids

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Activist Family, Kingston and Gillian Walters

Kingston Walters with Jane Goodall

Kingston Walters with Jane Goodall

Meet vegan animal rights advocates, Gillian and Kingston Walters. This King:GillianVancouver mother-and-son duo are an inspiration to parents and children everywhere. Gillian is full-time single mom to 13 year old Kingston who has learning differences, yet embraces every opportunity to grow as an individual and create positive change in his community. Together, they are heavily involved in daily activism for some of the most vulnerable and exploited beings on this planet – animals.

Gillian graduated from Seattle University in 2006 with a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology. As an artist, therapist and author, she uses her skills to assist the animal rights movement. Her children’s book, “King Zoom and the Great Seal Pup Rescue” was published in 2015 and she has another one on the way. To learn more about Gillian’s passionate work, click here.

Kingston has a positive, extroverted, approachable personality which is truly an asset to the animal rights community. He easily engages with other children, offering informative leaflets at the Vancouver Aquarium and speaking out for the animals publicly. He has recently begun teaching himself video editing and broadcasting skills. Recently, Kingston had the chance to meet Jane Goodall and used this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask her opinion on ocean sanctuaries for cetaceans held captive in aquariums and zoos.


Animal Rights Lawyer and Mother of Two, Anna Pippus

Pippus family

Anna is a vegan animal rights activist and the Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy for Animal Justice Canada. Prior to this, she held the position of Director of Legal Advocacy for Mercy For Animals Canada, which resulted in obtaining previously unprecedented animal cruelty charges against animal abusers. Anna has spoken about farmed animal law issues before numerous legal and non-legal audiences and in countless print, television, online, and radio publications, and is a frequent guest on Animal Voices. Anna also serves as the Strategic Advisor for We Animals. She holds degrees in law from the University of Toronto and psychology from the University of British Columbia.

On top of this, Anna lends her voice and expertise as an activist in the Vancouver community. She is raising two vegan boys, Harlan (four) and Alister (almost two years old) . She organizes monthly vegan family meet-ups and has an online resource for busy families to cook quick and easy nutritious vegan meals.

Join us for a discussion about raising compassionate kids as a busy mom. Anna is full of creative ideas and will persuade and inspire others to include mothers of all species in our Mothers Day celebrations. You can follow Anna’s easy vegan meal creations on Instagram at Easy Animal Free.


This show will broadcast live this Friday, May 12th, 2017 from Noon to 1pm PST at 100.5fm CFRO in Vancouver, Canada and via online internet streaming at  It will be posted here as a podcast shortly thereafter, so please do check back soon!





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