An Inhumane Thanksgiving at the White House

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DXE Exposes Another “Humane Farm” as Anything but Humane


Recently, the grassroots animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) has revealed another investigation into a so-called “humane” turkey farm in Pennsylvania. This farm has provided the White House with their turkeys for over 50 years. The open rescue footage was taken by DXE activists at Jaindl Farms, exposing extreme overcrowding and cruelty, including turkeys with mangled beaks (some so damaged that birds were unable to eat or drink), broken legs, missing eyes, open sores and facial lesions. In one scene, turkeys peck at a bird’s open wound. In another, a decaying carcass rests on the floor amongst live animals.

This unjust and depressing scenario doesn’t come as a surprise to many animal advocates who have done their research into these industries and have seen their share of undercover videos from “humane farms”.  I recall a time, just two years ago, that I, too was partially buying the “humane lie.” I knew that animals wanted to live a full life, and that it wasn’t right that I ate their bodies, which they had no autonomy over, but I had been conditioned to think that I needed to consume meat and eggs for protein along with other essential nutrients, and that cow’s milk was the best way to obtain my calcium. This is all a result of heavy marketing campaigns by the industries who stand to profit from consumers believing this. I dealt with my guilt by paying higher prices at Whole Foods to support the “humane farmers” believing that animals weren’t overcrowded in filthy conditions, or mutilated in any way (how naive I was about industries raising animals for food!) I believed that all of the animals  wandered far and wide on grassy fields in the daytime and had warm barns with comfy beds of hay at night. I believed that they were killed right there on the farm, in a way which was quick and painless…respectfully out of sight from the eyes of their animal companions who were to be slaughtered next. This may be true for some small farms, but as DXE has revealed time and time again, consumers have been misled by false advertising (especially by farms which supply large grocery stores such as Whole Foods) and the public has a right to know about this.

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Awakening and Transitioning to a More Compassionate, Conscious and Healthy Lifestyle

Meet Carrie Bedesky, an open-minded, compassionate and intelligent friend of mine who has been meat-free for just over one month and feeling fantastic! She has watched the Earthlings documentary and is recommending it to her family and friends, as well as Food Choices (new on Netflix).  Both documentaries are highly convincing and effective if you wish to “veganize” someone, although Food Choices may be better for those more likely to be inspired by doctors’ recommendations than a film which exposes the violent abuse of animals at the hands of humans. Many of us forget the hesitations, questions or thoughts that we had when we decided to go vegan. How long did some of us linger in the vegetarian zone, if at all, believing that “baby steps” was the easiest way to go? A discussion with Carrie will enable us to formulate our conversations more effectively by reminding us what questions or reservations we had during this transitional period in our lives.





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