The Rescue Story of a Grocery Store Lobster, and National Animal Rights Day

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Happy Companion Animal Appreciation Week! To start the show, we tell some anecdotal and endearing stories of our companion animals.

And to begin our news segment, Direct Action Everywhere activist Almira Tanner tells us about the disruption that she took part in last week against U.S. presidential candidate and animal agriculture supporter Bernie Sanders, urging him to consider animal rights in his campaign, which he currently does not.

National Animal Rights Day in Victoria


Photo by Brodie Frehlich

Last weekend, animal advocates in Victoria, BC joined other cities in Canada and the U.S. to recognize and celebrate National Animal Rights Day. The event started with a respectful requiem ceremony for the billions of animals who die every year by human hands, and ended with a celebration of the future: a cruelty-free, plant-based world.

Our co-hosts Caroline, Jen and Bec were there to participate, and they tell us about their experiences at NARD Victoria on June 4th.

Christine Loughead, Lobster Rescuer

lobby joeJune 15th is Save a Lobster Day! For our feature interview, we have an animal hero who made world wide headlines recently when she went to great lengths to rescue a lobster three weeks ago.

Her name is Christine Loughead and she lives in the small town of Red Lake, Ontario. On May 16th, Christine saw a lonely lobster in a grocery store in her town, waiting to be purchased to become someone’s dinner. But she couldn’t let that happen and knew she had to save him. What happened next is a series of events that has never happened before to a lobster whose fate of death loomed in the near future.

Christine recounts to us the rescue story of the lobster who she named Lobby Joe, and how she saw to it that he made it back to the Atlantic Ocean, 3000 miles away, where he belongs.

Christine-LougheedChristine went to great lengths to save the life of this individual, and she tells us how she hopes this will inspire others who have heard and read about her story worldwide to be inspired to do the same.

Christine has a long history of saving animals, to cats to mice to skunks, and now, a lobster.

You can watch Lobby Joe’s journey in the documentary video that Christine made here:

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