Celebrating Vegan Mothers, and Lindsay Wolf, Former Animal Cruelty Undercover Investigator

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This Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day. Happy Mothers Day to all human and non-human mothers!

To start the show, we discuss a recent heated online discussion between animal rights advocates and those who enjoy to eat animals, on the Aldor Acres Facebook page. Aldor Acres is a local farm, and they were inviting the public to attend the farm to enjoy the company of their live piglets, before they slaughtered them for consumption. The discussion raised the issue of extreme cognitive dissonance, and has motivated local animal rights activists to organize a protest at the farm this weekend. Listen in to see what you think about this contentious issue.

Vegan Mothers Tell Their Stories

mother-trioIn honour of Mother’s Day this weekend, we interview three (human) vegan mothers, to share their stories about what it’s like to be a vegan mother to a vegan child!

We hear from Maritza Oliver, who has a 12-year old son named Mateo; Melissa Maltais, who has a 2 year old son, Logan, who has been vegan since birth; and Daphna Kedem, who has a 10 year old daughter named Hilli. Their stories are wonderful and inspiring.. They speak about why they decided to go vegan, how their children cope in a non-vegan world (with challenges and all), their children’s attitudes towards leading a vegan lifestyle, some of their children’s favorite foods, and what the best thing is about being a vegan mother!

We here at Animal Voices wish Daphna, Melissa and Maritza all a happy vegan Mother’s Day!

Lindsay Wolf, Former Animal Cruelty Undercover Investigator

lindsay2-1In the past few years, the non-profit organization Mercy For Animals has opened the hearts and minds of millions of Canadians to the plight of animals who suffer behind the closed doors of factory farms.

From historic, unprecedented criminal prosecutions of animal abusers, to major corporate animal welfare policy changes, to educating caring consumers across the nation, MFA has successfully pushed for breakthrough changes on behalf of the terrified cows, chickens, pigs, and other animals trapped in the dark confines of factory farms.

Lindsay Wolf is a former undercover investigator for MFA, and she joins us on the show to tell her story about what it was like to witness and document abhorrent cruelties, with the end goal of bringing justice for the animals and to those who abuse them. We learn about what inspired and motivated Lindsay to take on this type of work in the first place, and walk through her journey of doing these emotionally demanding assignments that form the evidence behind prosecutions critical to the welfare of animals.

Also, Lindsay will be doing a one hour presentation at the Vancouver Public Library on May 8th at 7pm. This event is FREE and she’ll be speaking about the power of undercover investigations to change the world for animals.

You may have seen this before, but here is a 2 minute video clip of undercover footage taken at the Chilliwack Cattle Sales dairy farm, which led to a raid by law enforcement and recommendations of criminal charges against eight workers for kicking, punching, and beating cows in the face and body, and using chains and tractors to lift sick or injured animals by their necks. TRIGGER WARNING.

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