The Truth About Wool (and B12 Too!)

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What exactly is wrong with wool? Why isn’t it vegan? Can wool production ever be humane?

We explore these questions in depth in this episode’s feature interview with animal advocacy campaign specialist Ashley Byrne!

This show starts off with a brief discussion of Human Rights Day, which takes place on December 10th. We discuss the connections between human rights and animal rights, and why we feel it’s important to advocate for both.

Vitamin B12

In our first main segment, we delve into the often-controversial topic of Vitamin B12:

  • why we need it
  • how to get it in a plant-based diet
  • how much we need
  • and much more!

Helpful resources on this topic, referenced in the show, include:

The Truth About Wool

lamb daffodils 2Our second main segment features an interview with Ashley Byrne, campaign specialist for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, on the truth behind the wool industry and why wool isn’t vegan or humane. We also discuss alternatives to wool garments that are cruelty-free, warm, and stylish, and where to get them!

More information on the wool industry can be found at Liberation BC’s website.

Check out Vaute Couture for gorgeous, super-warm winter coats that are cruelty-free as well as worker-friendly and eco-friendly.

Brave Gentleman is one of several sites that offers vegan men’s suits.

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