Fuelling the Fire: Songs of Compassion, Resistance, and Liberation

Each year we dedicate an entire show to sharing music that inspires us to keep speaking out about nonhuman suffering.

This special extended episode is for all the activists who keep making connections and fighting to end commodification, captivity, torture, and needless slaughter. In this show, we keep the focus on the plight of nonhuman animals, the earth in crisis, and power of speaking out and taking action.


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by Redmer Hoekstra

by Redmer Hoekstra



Lila RoseThe LivingRise Against
The Rebel SpellTesBerge
Defiance, OhioTrial4Paws
Skinny PuppySean J Stevens
Plus: Kate Bush – Ellie Goulding – Santigold – Moby –
Bruce Springsteen – The Silver Seas (formerly ‘The Bees’) –
Radiohead – Marvin Gaye – Michael Jackson – John Lennon –
Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich – Paul McCartney –


A great big thanks to all the outstanding activists who contributed songs to this episode (Darren, Marley, Almira, Marina, Agnes, Raffa, Jacquie, Jordan, Tommy, Sue, Elyse…).

Immense respect to the following grassroots/volunteer-run groups that the above activists work with:Vancouver Animal Defense League, Wildlife Defense League, Liberation BC, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), Small Animal Rescue Society of BC, Food Not Bombs – Vancouver, Animal Rights Cambridge, and Tier im Fokus





And, as mentioned in the show:
Marina’s bunny portraits! – Kanina

The new video for ‘human/kind’ by The Living
Time to evolve / To see we were wrong / This is not what it means / To be strong

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Compassionate Beats & Melodies: Music for Earthlings w/ Jonsi, Sole, Bif Naked, Vegan Reich, Good Riddance, DJ Cavem…
Hello Arch Enemy, Goodbye Jenni – w/ songs by Arch Enemy and an interview with Alissa White-Gluz
Sounds of Compassion (Part 1) – w/ Dead Prez, xtrue naturex, Propagandhi, Jonathan Mann, K-Rec and Estea Elements, and Risa!
Sounds of Compassion (Part 2) – w/ Buckman Coe, Kyp Harness, Coco Love Alcorn, Henya Mania, Peter Murphy…


Now, here’s some of the best videos I found during the song quest for this show.
The latest rom Lila Rose in anticipation of her forthcoming concept album WE.ANIMALS. (Spring 2015)

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This one didn’t quite make it on the podcast but I’ll leave it here because it’s pretty rad (thanks Wildlife Defense League, via Sue).

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Alien-like beings testing on humans….

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