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Giving Chickens the Credit They Deserve: Chickens are Smart!

In honour of International Respect for Chickens Month, it’s time to celebrate these fascinating feathered fowl and give them the credit they deserve. People often use the term “bird brain” to describe one of little intelligence, but the total opposite is actually true when it comes to the cognitive abilities of chickens.

In this segment, we discuss a variety of stories and examples illustrating just how “smart”chickens are! From being sharp observational learners, to using the sun as a compass, to communicating with more than 24 vocalizations, we learn about these ways, and more, when it comes to chickens demonstrating many skills and abilities that we humans often don’t give them credit for.

Check out this fantastic video featuring Little Miss Sunshine, a beautiful rescued Hen who lives at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia. Here she demonstrates just how awesome of a bird brain she has, surpassing the cognitive abilities of some human children!

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Barnivore: Your Friendly Guide to Vegan Alcohol

On last week’s episode of Animal Voices we presented a feature on the straight edge movement…. Now,  this week, we get a little less edgy, and a just little more tipsy. Brewmasters, winemakers, and distillers sometimes include animal ingredients in their products directly, or they might use them in the processing and filtration. Tim caught up with with Jason from Barnivore, an outstanding and extensive online guide and app focused on vegan alcohol. Based in Toronto, Barnivore is a hugely popular website and app that shows which alcohol is vegan — and animal –friendly.

vervet monkey on St. Kitts

vervet monkey on St. Kitts

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