Easter Bunnies and Earth Day

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 Tracy Martin, Rabbitron

Tracy Martin is a rabbit rescuer and House Rabbit Society Educator who lives in Spokane Washington. In effort to stem the flow of abandoned rabbits after Easter each year, she has created a yearly campaign called Rabbitron, which is named after a former rabbit. This campaign consists of a website, billboards and newspaper ads and more. Tracy and her husband are vegan and share their home with a big family of rescued rabbits, dogs, cats, pigeons, and a couple of hens as well.

Will Anderson, This is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology

GreenvegansFor our feature Earth Day interview we speak to Will Anderson who is the author of “This is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology.” It is a crossover book for self-identified environmentalists, species rights advocates, vegans and vegetarians, those dedicated to true sustainability, fish and wildlife “management” professionals, students of deep ecology, and those who want to know the biocentric solutions for our dietary, consumer, and reproductive choices.

WillAndersonWill Anderson conducted campaigns on behalf of ecosystems and species rights for organizations over a span of three decades. Will was a survival instructor in the Air Force, recorded and published humpback whale songs, and co-founded the Maine Animal Coalition and Greenpeace Alaska. These experiences and his witnessing Earth’s cultural diversity, often in remote areas of the world, compelled him to research and write This Is Hope. He began Green Vegans, a nonprofit organization, in 2009.

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