Joan Ranquet on Animal Communication; and Conscious Consumers: Navigating the World of Animal-friendly Makeup Products

We start the show with recapping how the last two events of our Cultivating Compassion week went last week: the Animal Voices and Drishti Point film screening of “Speciesism: The Movie“, plus our yoga workshop to bridge the gap between practising yoga and widening our compassion for all living beings. Then Jenni speaks about all of the vegan-friendly dining options she experienced for the week of Valentine’s Day.

Conscious Consumers: Navigating the World of Animal-friendly Makeup Products

tashinacombsOur first interview is with vegan makeup expert Tashina Combs. She is the creator of the comprehensive website, an award-winning blog that focuses on vegan beauty and the promotion of a healthy and animal-friendly lifestyle. With the copious number of makeup products available on the market today, combined with inconsistent and confusing labeling, what’s a conscious consumer to do when he or she wants to purchase and use these products, but not at the expense of hurting animals? Not only are there nasty animal ingredients in many makeup products to be aware of, but also the issue of animal testing plays a significant role in the production of our eye shadows, lipsticks and mascaras. Animal-friendly makeup products do exist, but you need to know what to look for when going to make your purchases.

Tashina answers our questions about being conscious (and knowledgeable) consumers when it comes to navigating the extensive world of makeup products and knowing how to make the best choices to be cruelty-free.

And as a bonus, here is a short video of Tashina showing the vegan products that she uses for her daily makeup routine:

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Joan Ranquet, Animal Communication

joanranquetFor our feature interview, we have Joan Ranquet on the show. Joan is an Animal Communicator and author of the book “Communication with all Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator. She is also the founder of Communication with all Life University. Through private sessions, workshops, teleseminars and speaking events, Joan facilitates a deepening of the human/animal connection.

Joan has worked with thousands of individual companion animal guardians, dog, cat and horse trainers, barn managers and vets. She troubleshoots medical issues, helps stimulate healing in conjunction with conventional treatment, and helps clients to deepen their ability to care for and understand their animals. She is successful at finding lost dogs and cats, and often helps clients whose companion animals are aging and dying.

In this interview, she provides us with some insights from her communication with the animals, and teaches us how we can learn to be better in tune with the animals in our lives.


Check out this television news clip that features Joan demonstrating her animal communication skills:

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