Humans are Animals Too: International Human Rights Day Show featuring Gary Charbonneau of the 14CM Documentary

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In connection with International Human Rights Day on December 10th, this show is dedicated to the human animals. We will feature an interview with Vancouver based filmmaker Gary Charbonneau regarding his recent film: 14CM; and a group discussion about the links between human and animal rights (in keeping with the tradition of our past shows…).

14CM: The Documentary

14CM Trailer Edition from Gary Charbonneau on Vimeo.


Connections Between Human and Animal Rights

There are many commonalities and intersections between different types of oppression. In the second half of the show we discuss some recent articles and publications that highlight the connection between human rights and animals rights including excerpts fromĀ Gary L. Francione, Lauren Ornelas TEDx Talk, and the Animal Liberation Front.

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