The Vida Vegan Con Report Show

Here’s this week’s show!

We present to you The Vida Con 2013 Report Show!

To start this show, we discuss the feelings of isolation in society that many vegans can experience, and how to deal with this life experience.

Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, Our Hen House, on How and Why to Expand Your Message to Include Animal Rights

We feature an interview with Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, the two women behind the non-profit organization called Our Hen House, which was nominated for a prestigious Webby Award this year. Our Hen House is a multi-media hive of opportunities for animal advocates, and produces resources that you can use in order to find your own way to create change for animals. Both Jasmin and Mariann hold an enormous wealth of knowledge when it comes to advocating for the animals, and during the Vida Vegan conference last weekend, Alison was able to speak with them in person on the topic of How and Why to Expand Your Message, as an individual activist, to Include Animal Rights.

In this interview, Jasmin and Mariann offer tips and advice on how we, as advocates for the animals, can incorporate this message in our daily lives within our social circles.

The Vida Vegan Con 2013 Report

We present an official Vida Vegan Con “Report”, sharing some of the highlights of this conference event for vegan bloggers, which took place last weekend in Portland, Oregon. A few hundred vegan and animal advocates came together from all over the United States, Canada, and beyond, to share their expertise on a wide variety of topics pertaining to vegan advocacy in blogging, and various animal rights issues. The weekend was a packed event of great information, great people, and unbeatable food, and Alison shares her experiences there, as well as some audio clips from some of the presentations that were held.

We have clips of Gena Hamshaw and Ginny Messina speaking on How Hot Topics in Nutrition Influence Vegan Advocacy. There’s also Grant Butler, Julie Hasson, Fran Costigan and Janessa Philemon-Kerp speaking on Vegan Professionals in a Nonvegan World, and Erika Larsen presenting on Veganism and Social Justice Issues. These are all activists in our community, and they were all brought together last weekend in Portland to share their wisdom with the conference attendees.

To find out more about Vida Vegan Con (and to see the full agenda there from this year’s event), please visit the official website at

And to see what the event was like, here’s a great little video by Michelle Cehn of that captures the essence of the conference experience. (and there are 2 clips of Alison in there if you can notice them, too!)

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