The New Year show: Planning for Healthful Animal Advocacy in 2013; & Activist Profile: Grant Butler

Here’s this week’s show!

Happy 2013! We present to you our New Year-themed show.

To start the show, we speak about the New Year being a point of reflection and bringing us opportunity to set new goals and intentions to pursue, and we share some of our own personal goals for 2013 that may directly or indirectly promote and support our advocacy for the animals.

Planning for Healthful Animal Advocacy in 2013

It’s a New Year and we are therefore presented with an opportunity for new beginnings, and an opportunity to evaluate the changes that we wish to make in ourselves this coming year when it comes to our advocacy for the animals. Perhaps stepping into animal activism (or any kind of activism) is a new thing for you and maybe you don’t know exactly where to start. Or maybe you’re faced with the challenge of how to fit in this additional activity into your life when you’re already so busy in what you already do in your daily lives.

In this segment, we discuss and examine some of the arising issues that pertain to stepping up one’s advocacy for the animals in 2013, but to do so in a manner that supports one’s health, so that we don’t fall into a trap of becoming overwhelmed, and therefore sick, mentally or physically.

What we do know for sure is that the animals need us to speak up for them, as they cannot do so for themselves. But it’s also very important to be able to take care of ourselves first so that we can ably and healthfully do so without sacrificing the health of our bodies in the process, because, of course, we won’t be any good to the animals if our own well-being is suffering.

Activist Profile: Grant Butler

For our feature interview, we have journalist and food writer Grant Butler to speak with us. Grant hails from Portland, Oregon, where is he known as a writer for the bi-weekly newspaper food column called “Going Vegan”, which appears in the mainstream publication the Portland Oregonian.

Grant was an omnivorous food writer for the newspaper, and he took it upon himself several years ago to embrance the challenge of going vegan for 30 days, and remains plant-based to this day. We have Grant on the show to share with us his inspiring story that launched him into the popular vegan food activist that he is today. He speaks on the unique work that he does, writing for a mainstream publication that promotes the vegan lifestyle, and gives his thoughts on what this type of activism means for our society.

To see Grant tell a bit of his story as he did on a Portland television show in 2011, check out this video:

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