“Veganism and Mi’kmaq Legends: Feminist Natives Do Eat Tofu”, and a Fur-ocious Film Screening

Here’s this week’s show!

"Glooscap" Painting by noted Mi'kmaq Artist Leonard Paul

Inspired by an article called Animal Liberationists Should Support #IdleNoMore, we offer special programming in honour of #J11, The Idle No More Global Day of Action!

In preparation for this show, I listened again to the Vegetarian Food for Thought podcast called Honoring the Animals We Eat – Just Like the Native Americans which concludes with a reading of the illuminating essay by Rita Laws, PhD, a member of the Choctaw peoples, called Native Americans and Vegetarianism (1994).

Veganism and Mi’kmaq Legends

Featured on this week’s show is Margaret Robinson, PhD, the author of Veganism and Mi’kmaq Legends: Feminist Natives Do Eat Tofu which will be published in the Canadian Journal of Native Studies. Margaret joins us to speak about how her Aboriginal culture informs her personal practice of veganism. She also leaves us with wisdom on the topic of food justice and how non-Native settlers can show solidarity to the Indigenous struggles.



Fur-ocious Film Screening

Also joining us is Mya, the co-founder of Black Pawprint Collective. She speaks with us about the grim realities of the fur industry in Canada and shares her thoughts on how to dismantle it. The Black Pawprint Collective is hosting a local screening of the film BOLD NATIVE, a true-to-life fiction about animal liberationists (free streaming of entire film online).


Compassionate Melodies
In honour of the wild animals threatened by fracking, pipelines, and habitat destruction we leave you with a song by Miss Emily Brown called Moose on the Tree Line.

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