Gene Blalock, Editor of Skin Trade the movie

On this week’s show, Carissa is going to present some tips on bear safety.  Joanne will be interviewing Gene Blalock, Editor of Skin Trade, just ahead of the Vancouver premiere. The Vancouver free screening of Skin Trade and the Witness is on Saturday Oct 2, 2pm at the Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch).

Gene Blalock, Editor of Skin Trade the movie

Gene Blalock with Shannon Keith

This week’s feature interview is Gene Blalock, editor of Skin Trade.  Many of you may know Gene as the lead singer and songwriter for the Los Angeles-based rock band, The Faded, an outspoken animal rights activist and an award-winning producer, director, and editor. Gene’s extensive knowledge of audio and video production has been honed over the course of editing, directing, and producing dozens of albums, movies and videos, from EP’s to full-length albums and from documentaries to music videos. Gene’s efforts for a wide range of clients including Last Chance for Animals, advertising agency Leo Burnett, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and the U.S. Army, have earned him a reputation as a smart, in-touch artist who expertly helps craft a compelling message. Gene produced, edited and scored Skin Trade.

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