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Invertebrates: The Invisible Majority

cute bumblebee

Invertebrates (such as crustaceans and insects) make up roughly 97% of all animals on Earth, but they are often overlooked in animal rights advocacy. Featuring an interview with ant expert Dr. James Traniello.

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The Startling Intelligence of the Common Chicken

TELFORD, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 20:  A Brahma is seen at the  National Poultry Show on November 20, 2016 in Telford, England.  The annual event continues to grow with around 7000 entries this year from all around the world.  (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Featuring an interview with biologist and animal behaviorist Dr. Carolynn "K-lynn" Smith on her groundbreaking research into chicken cognition and social structures.

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The Great Animal Orchestra: Sound and Animals

JP Mika, "Les Bruits de la Nature"

All about how sound affects animals, and how animals create and use sound themselves.

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Love for Companion Animals and Justice for BC Grizzlies

Clifford, a Chinese Crested / terrier mix who found his forever home with the help of CAARE Rescue.

A show dedicated to dogs, in honour of National Love Your Companion Animal Day. Interviews with CAARE Companion Animal Advocacy and Rescue Effort, as well as with three young activists fighting trophy hunting of grizzlies in BC.

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Paws for Hope and Vegan Outreach


A feature interview with Jevranne Martel, the Canada Outreach Co-ordinator from Vegan Outreach. Plus an interview with Kathy Powelson of the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation on their "Roxy's Relief" program to help companion animals and their guardians facing homelessness. Also, we discuss gentrification in Vancouver's low-income areas, and how vegan businesses can help.

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The Travel Show: Vegan Voyaging

floating market in bangkok

All about travelling as a vegan.

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World Oceans Day: A New Wave of Understanding

Art by Royce McClure

The World Oceans Day Show: Dr. Culum Brown shares new discoveries showing startling intelligence in fish, plus a feature interview with Dr. Lori Marino on the unprecedented Whale Sanctuary Project.

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The Easter Show: Rabbit Rescue, and the Global Impact of Vegan Diets


Feature interview with Sorelle Saidman of Rabbitats, as well as discussion of a recent study on the benefits of vegan diets to the environment and human health.

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Animals as Persons: The Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms

animal justice

This episode features an interview with Anna Pippus, Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy for the Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund, on nonhuman personhood and the Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Chocolate and Chalking: Making a Difference

vegan valentines chocolate

Discussion on ethical issues in the chocolate industry, and an interview with James de Alto of the Vegan Chalk Challenge.

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