Veguary: Brenda Sanders on Afro-Vegan Society’s Exciting New Campaign

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Brenda Sanders

Our featured guest for this show is Brenda Sanders, a food justice activist from Baltimore, Maryland who promotes veganism to address environmental racism, health disparities, food access, and animal rights issues. Brenda is the founder and president of Afro-Vegan Society. The society’s brand new “Veguary” campaign is underway right now!

February is Black History Month and Veguary

Veguary is a free month-long pledge campaign encouraging people to commit to vegan living during the month of February.  This campaign is purposefully situated in the month of February — Black History Month in the United States — to highlight the contributions of Black trailblazers and the many benefits of vegan living.

In our feature interview, Brenda shares details on the many perks and resources included when you sign up for Veguary, as well as some of the rich history of plant-based eating and veganism across the African diaspora.

Western Monarch Butterfly Day

February 5th is Western Monarch Butterfly Day, so in this show we also share a fascinating segment on these beautiful butterflies and their annual migration. You’ll learn about the jaw-dropping ways in which these tiny creatures navigate across thousands of miles in a journey that takes several generations to complete.

Monarch butterflies are threatened as a species, primarily by habitat loss. Two easy things we can do to help them include planting milkweed and adopting a plant-based diet. If you need help with the latter, Afro-Vegan Society’s Veguary program is a perfect place to start!