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Taking Action & Building Community. Bill C-51, Zoo Protest, and Vancouver Island Vegan Association

Why should animal defenders care about the proposed anti-terrorism bill (C-51)? We speak with a concerned citizen about her views on the matter. We also welcome the Vancouver Island Vegan Association to the west coast scene, and hear clips from last week’s protest at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

Sarah Kramer of the new storefront Sarah’s Place, Tara & Robin share their Transition Stories

Guest contributors Tara-Lee Gardiner and Robin Pickel share with us their paths from meat eating to vegan, including their reasons, inspirations, and resources they turned to. Vegan cookbook superstar and new proprietress of the vegan curio shop in Victoria, BC aptly named Sarah’s Place, Sarah Kramer joins us to tell talk shop, cookbooks, growing pains, and new ventures!