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“The Animal People” film with former SHAC7 member Jake Conroy, plus The Failings of the Greater Vancouver Zoo, with Vancouver Humane Society’s Peter Fricker

A feature interview with Jake Conroy, convicted animal activist and a key character in “The Animal People” film. Plus, an interview with Peter Fricker on the failings of the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

A Spotlight on the Cruelty of Rodeos with the Vancouver Humane Society, and Activist Profile: Zoe Rosenberg

An Activist Profile of 16 year old Zoe Rosenberg, plus an interview with Communications Director Peter Fricker about the Vancouver Humane Society’s campaign to end cruel rodeo events at the Chilliwack Fair this summer.

Peter Fricker, Keeping Exotic Animals As Pets; & Marisa Miller Wolfson, Vegucated

A review of the book “Vegan Desserts”; an interview with Peter Fricker of VHS on Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets; and a feature interview with filmmaker Marisa Miller Wolfson on Vegucated.