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Vancouver Aquarium Suing the City and Park Board, An Innovative Approach to Teaching How Our Eating Habits Affect The World We Live In, and Brigitte Gemme of Vegan Family Kitchen

A feature interview with Brigitte Gemme on cooking plant-based meals for the family from scratch, plus an interview with Capilano University instructor Nicholas Jennings on his new upcoming course “Veganism & Sustainability”, and an update with local activist David Isbister on Van Aqua suing the City of Vancouver.

The Dairy Show: The Myths and Realities of the Dairy Industry, and Dairy-Free Living

The Dairy Show: A feature interview with author √Člise Desaulniers on The Myths and Realities of the Dairy Industry, plus Brigitte Gemme speaks about Dairy-Free Living. Also, we discuss a petition to get Lisa Simpson to go vegan!