Frank Metivier, “The Vigorous Vegan Vagabond”

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Last weekend, our co-host Alison attended the annual CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) West trade show, at which many plant-based food vendors and distributors from far and wide come together to promote their new products that are just starting to become available in Vancouver this year. To start the show, Alison shares some of her insights and findings of a variety of lovely new vegan products, including a medley of different (and all delicious) plant-based cheeses soon to come to major stores, and much more!

Vegan Globetrotter Frank Metivier

Having been a world traveller for most of his life, Francis “Frank” Metivier, known as “The Vigorous Vegan Vagabond,” is now on a mission to promote a compassionate vegan lifestyle while still travelling the globe.

He stopped eating meat about five years ago, going from pescetarian, to vegetarian, to finally adopting a vegan lifestyle last year. After looking more seriously into what happens to animals used for food, going vegan seemed to be the obvious thing to do, but even then it wasn’t enough for Frank. He felt he had to do something proactive for the animals after what he’d learned. He realized that in a way he always was vegan at heart, meaning he had always felt it was wrong to exploit animals only for human pleasure or convenience, but he believes the conditioning and disconnection we’re all subjected to makes us blind to the reality of animal exploitation. Francis lives a minimalist lifestyle and is now road-tripping in Mexico with his “Vigorous Vegan Van,” aiming to raise awareness wherever he goes.


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