The Bat Show: Austin Bat Refuge and Community Bat Programs of BC

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Welcome to the Bat Show! Every year since 1997, International Bat Night has taken place during the last full weekend of August. Initiated by concerned scientists in Europe, International Bat Night is now recognized in more than 30 countries around the world. On this show, we feature interviews with two North American organizations that are working to protect these exceptional mammals.

Pallid Bat - a species threatened in British Columbia. Photo: Steve Gettle

Pallid Bat – a species threatened in British Columbia. Photo: Steve Gettle

Mandy Kellner, Community Bat Programs of BC

Mandy Kellner is a biologist and coordinator of the BC Community Bat Program, a network of community bat projects across British Columbia, carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Environment. She joins us to share some information about bats living here in BC – who they are, the threats they’re facing, & the work being done to support them.

Dianne Odegard, Austin Bat Refuge

Dianne Odegard is co-founder and director of the Austin Bat Refuge in Austin, Texas. The Austin Bat Refuge aims to promote respect for bats and their place in the natural world through education, conflict resolution, rehabilitation, and release. A wildlife rehabilitator since 1990, Dianne opened the bat refuge after working for over 12 years as Education and Public Outreach Manager for Bat Conservation International. With a decades-long passion for these unique animals, Dianne is a fount of knowledge on bats, and is a frequent speaker at events and bat presentations throughout central Texas.

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