The Great Animal Orchestra: Sound and Animals

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This episode is all about sound, music, and nonhuman animals! We open the show with discussion of the vegetarian recipe contest currently underway at UBC.

David Teie, Music for Catsdavid teie 2

Our first interview is with cellist and composer David Teie, inventor of species-specific music and creator of the critically-acclaimed Music for Cats. He speaks to us on how he arrived at the idea to compose music for nonhuman animals of various species, and the scientific evidence showing which specific types of sounds appeal to our feline friends.



bernie krauseBernie Krause, Wild Sanctuary

Our feature interview is with musician and naturalist Bernie Krause, one of the principal founders of the field of soundscape ecology and author of The Great Animal Orchestra. Drawing on decades of experience travelling the world and recording wild soundscapes, he shares with us his insight on how nonhuman animals taught us to sing and dance, as well as what sound can tell us about the health of any given wild habitat. His comments on how human-generated noise pollution affects nonhuman animals and the environment are disturbing and compelling.

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