Animals & Relationships: Dr. Naomi Rose on the Social Lives of Whales & Dolphins, and What Does it Mean to Love Animals

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Our annual Valentine’s show is upon us, and we’re also celebrating World Love for Dolphins Day and World Whale Day!

Naomi Rose on the Social Lives of Whales & Dolphins

naomi-rose-2-400x300Our feature interview is with Naomi Rose, the marine mammal scientist for the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, DC. Known worldwide for her research on orcas, Naomi works on several campaigns and coalitions addressing problems associated with the captivity of whales & dolphins. She has testified before the US Congress four times, and is a member of the International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee, where she participates in the subcommittees on environmental concerns and whale watching.

On this show, she joins us to share some information about the complex social lives of cetaceans – that is, whales, dolphins, and porpoises – in their natural habitats, as well as their relationship with humans.

What Does it Mean to Love Animals?

We also feature a discussion about animals and love: What does it mean to “love” animals? Many people self-identify as “animal lovers”, but how does this come into play in our daily lives? We’ll take a look at what makes humans feel connected to individual animals, or species; how our relationships with nonhuman animals are valued in our society; and we’ll examine what kind of roles we play in the lives of the animals we claim to love.

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


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