Encore show: The Holiday Show: Zel Allen, “Vegan for the Holidays”; & Animal Voices Compassionate Holiday Gift Ideas

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Happy Holidays from Animal Voices radio!

Please enjoy this rebroadcast of our 2012 Holiday Show. (for this year’s Holiday Show, please click here.)

We start this show by chatting about our plans for the holidays, and how compassion and respect for all beings will fit into our holiday celebrations.

Animal Voices Top 10 Compassionate Holiday Gift Ideas

We, at Animal Voices radio, present to you our Top 10 ideas for compassionate gift giving this holiday season! Whether you’re celebrating Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Festivus (well, maybe not Festivus), a common theme for rejoicing is often by offering presents to our loved ones to show that we care.

And what better way to spread the compassion than by doing so in giving gifts that reflect this sentiment? In fact, gift giving can even be a really effective method of animal activism – in having a reason to bestow something of good intentions to a friend, family member or colleague that can allow them to expand on living a compassionate lifestyle towards all beings.

Listen to the show to hear our Top 10 suggestions, and for other compassionate gift giving ideas, we are pleased to point you to these additional resources:

Author Zel Allen, “Vegan for the Holidays”

For our feature interview, we have Zel Allen on the show, who is the author of the popular, brand new cookbook entitled “Vegan for the Holidays: Celebration Feasts for Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.” In addition to being a long-time cook and author of a previous cookbook called “The Nut Gourmet”, Zel and her husband Rueben publish a well-known online magazine called Vegetarians in Paradise. It’s a vegan lifestyle website that provides a wide range of resources for the vegan community. Zel speaks to us  to impart her knowledge about living and cooking vegan for the holidays.

Check out a video here of Zel making one of her Hannukah dishes, some tasty-looking cabbage rolls!:

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