Empty the Tanks Worldwide 2015.

Listen or download to the edited show right here!

rachelone copy We were thrilled to speak with the activist who initiated Empty the Tanks in 2013. Rachel Carbary chooses to organize as an individual rather than starting a new non-profit. To support her, visit EndCetaceanCaptivity.com.

Live, in studio!

Live, in studio!

Annelise Sorg has been running No Whales in Captivity in the Vancouver area since 1992. On this show she talks with us about the death of Hana, the pacific white sided dolphin (was it suicide?). She also shares about Chester, the false killer whale who will be the most recent captive of Vancouver Aquarium (was it a “rescue” or a capture?).


Interesting fact: Annelise was one of the people who helped get Animal Voices on Co-op Radio about 14 years ago!



Some music featured in our show today:

We Animals by Lila Rose  (her new concept album dropped in April! check it out.)
Captivity is Cruel by FreedomForOrcas
Whale Song by Modest Mouse
Will You Be There by Michael Jackson


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