Ending Rodeos. Healing Horses.

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cloverdaleCloverdale Rodeo is one of the largest rodeos in Canada and it’s running all weekend.

In 2007, after pressure from animal welfarists and the public, the Cloverdale Rodeo Association agreed to remove four events from its roster — calf roping, team-roping, steer wrestling and wild-cow milking. Animal liberationists, however, are demanding an end to rodeos and  activists will have a strong presence at the fair.

In February of this year it was announced that the Luxton Spring Fair, just outside of Victoria, will no longer be hosting a rodeo. The Luxton Pro Rodeo had been running for 39 years and organizers said it was the financial pressure due to some of the sponsors pulling out that led to the decision. Animal advocates are calling this a success after campaigning for years and putting pressure on sponsors.

VCARE (Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events) was instrumental in this victory. Check out this short interview with Melissa de Meulles-Wolfe, one of the key organizers (hosted by The Critical Cat)!


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Healing Horses

healing horses

Maverick and ZsaZsa. image credit: Colleen Flanagan/The News

ZsaZsa Stiansky has been rescuing horses for about 25 years. She is now the founder and Executive Director of Healing Horses Sanctuary in Maple Ridge, BC.

She joins us to talk about horse slaughter and some of her rescue success stories.


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