The Earth Day Show: Eleanor Boyle, The Environmental Impacts of Our Industrial Meat Production System; & Isha Datar, Advancing Technology in Cell Cultured Meat

Here’s this week’s show:

We present to you our Earth Day show!

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Eleanor Boyle, The Environmental Impacts of Our Industrial Meat Production System

For our feature interview, we speak with author and educator Eleanor Boyle. Eleanor has been teaching and writing for 25 years, and now focuses on food systems and their social, environmental and health consequences. She holds a Master of Science in Food Policy, has taught extensively at the university level including courses in sustainability, and has presented at international conferences on food issues.

She has also recently written a book called “High Steaks: Why and How To Eat Less Meat” and comes to us, for our Earth Day show, to speak about the environmental consequences of the industrial meat production system, as extensively researched and written about in her book.

We ask her about impacts such as deforestation, global warming, water pollution, fresh water shortages, and loss of biodiversity.

Check out the book trailer for “High Steaks” here:

YouTube player

Isha Datar, Advancing Technology in Cell Cultured Meat

Our 2nd interview is with Isha Datar, who is the Director of the non-profit research organization called New Harvest. New Harvest is working to advance new alternatives to conventionally-produced meat, including cultured meat – that is, meat produced in a cell culture, rather than from an animal, – and plant-based alternatives.

One of the driving reasons to being doing work in this technology is due to the environmental stress that our planet is facing with its current mass farmed animal production. She speaks with us about the research and work being done in tissue engineering and producing cell cultured, or in invitro, meat. We find out how much of a reality consumption of this type of cell cultured flesh will become in our world’s future society.

In this video, TIME Magazine explains some of the primary details behind “test tube” meat:

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