Direct Action, Prison, and Sabotage: An Interview with the Animal Liberation Front’s Peter Young

Today’s show is my last. I am off to the United Kingdom to frolic in the field and obtain my Mphil in Politics at Oxford. I want to thank all the folks at Animal Voices for having me on the show, it’s been a blast! With that said, I’ll be leaving Animal Voices with an explosive episode. (Oh! and if anyone wants to fill my spot, shoot the AV crew an email – they are really friendly folks!)

On today‚Äôs show we talk with Peter Young, an American animal rights activist. He was indicted by a federal grand jury in 1998 on charges related to fur farm raids in Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin in 1997. He was in hiding for seven years, before being arrested in San Jose and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in 2005. Young was released in February 2007. We chat to Peter about his raids, his philosophy on direct action, and his prison time.

Peter Young also serves as an advisor for the North American Animal Liberation (ALF) Press Office. For those who are not familiar with the ALF, it is an international, underground leaderless resistance that engages in illegal direct action in pursuit of animal liberation. Activists see themselves as a modern-day Underground Railroad, removing animals from laboratories and farms, destroying facilities, arranging safe houses and veterinary care, and operating sanctuaries where the animals live out the rest of their lives. We challenge Peter on to answer some criticisms of the ALF and their tactics. Listen to what he has to say!

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