Marley Daviduk, Cove Guardian Campaign, & Travel Tips & Recommendations for Compassionate Eating: New York

August 31 is Japan Dolphins Day, in honour of the thousands of dolphins who will be slaughtered in Taiji, Japan, starting tomorrow.

To begin this show, we put out a call for an open position we have at Animal Voices radio for a new co-host and co-producer, as Aylon is leaving us! If you think you might be interested in this fantastic opportunity to be a voice for the animals, please listen to this show, and then send us an email to

Then Aylon tells us about his upcoming animal rights workshop that he will be presenting at the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair next week.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, have you heard about our upcoming Animal Voices and RawBC End-of-Summer potluck yet on September 9th? It’s going to be a lot of fun! You can find out more about it and rsvp to it here and here.

Travel Tips and Recommendations for Compassionate Eating: New York City

Recently back from their vegan vacation that first took them to New York City, the metropolis most prominently known as having the best (and most) vegan eats in all of North America, Alison and Denise share their top recommendations and most memorable gastronomic highlights of their short 4 1/2 day trip to the Big Apple. In no particular order, here are the 11 places (all vegan except for 1!) that they visited and that they touch upon as this brief 14 minute segment allows!:

Marley Daviduk, Cove Guardian Campaign

Our feature interview is with Vancouver-based animal activist Marley Daviduk. Marley has been an activist for the animals for 13 years now. In 2011, she went to Japan twice to document the dolphin slaughter as part of the Sea Shepherd Society Cove Guardian campaign, and in September of 2011, she joined the Sea Shepherd team on the Bob Barker vessel for 6 months as a crew member for the Antarctic anti-whaling campaign against the illegal Japanese whaling fleet. Along with her campaign colleagues, she was able to literally save more than 760 whales. Since returning to Vancouver this year, Marley has launched a campaign to have shark fins banned in BC.

Marley speaks with us about the Cove Guardian campaign, in light of the annual Taiji, Japan dolphin drive and slaughter starting up again soon, which officially recommences this week, on September 1st. To find out more about the animal advocacy work that Marley does in Vancouver, please visit: and to find out more about being a Cove Guardian, and to apply to go to Taiji, visit this page.

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