D. Thompson, Galapagos Preservation Society; & Feeding Bellies, Opening Hearts: Food Not Bombs Serves Up Veg Nourishment at Occupy Vancouver

To start this episode, Alissa gives a review of the new documentary film “The Whale“, which tells the true story of the young, wild killer whale – an orca – nicknamed Luna, who lost contact with his family on the coast of B.C. and turned up alone in the Nootka Sound, conveying an affinity for human contact.

Mya Mayhem, Feeding Bellies, Opening Hearts: Food Not Bombs Serves Up Veg Nourishment at Occupy Vancouver

For this show’s first interview, we speak with local animal activist and Food Not Bombs volunteer Mya Mayhem, about her experiences nourishing the spirits and bellies of the 99% at the Occupy Vancouver tent city. Throughout the 5 week long encampment of the Occupy Vancouver movement, local FNB volunteers worked hard to serve up free vegetarian food for all while spreading their message of non-violent resistance. Mya sheds light on how FNB works to raise awareness about animal exploitation, and shares her insights on why animal activists should join their voices with the Occupy movement.

Here is a short video of Mya talking about her activist work at Occupy Vancouver:

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D. Thompson, Galapagos Preservation Society

Today’s feature interview is with D. Thompson, who is the Executive Director of the Galapagos Preservation Society, an organization based in Washington state which strives to protect the indigenous wildlife and unique ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands, while promoting the welfare of dogs and cats. D. will be heading to the Islands next month on a venture to improve the lives for the animals there, and she is here today to talk to us about that and the work that the Society does.

GPS envisions a future in which there are no stray or free-roaming dogs and cats on any of the Galapagos Islands. GPS works for a Galapagos where all cats and dogs are cared for and are kept indoors or inside fenced areas so that they no longer pose a threat to indigenous wildlife. GPS further envisions the mandatory sterilization of all cats and dogs on every island, the prohibition of breeding dogs and cats on Galapagos as well as the strict enforcement of the law prohibiting transport of dogs and cats to the islands.

Here is an excellent short video that explains the problems between the stray dogs and cats on the Islands along with the indigenous animals, and how GPS is helping the situation:

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