A Look into the World of Animal Hoarding

We start the show off by doing our giveaway draw for a copy of Jason Hribal’s new book “Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance”. Congratulations to the winner: Jodey Castricano!

Then we take a look (or, more appropriately, a “listen”) to a clever new short video that’s been making the internet rounds this week called “Ask Your Doctor About Meat” by Ollie H. Productions. It’s a parody of pharmaceutical commercials that you’ll want to show everyone you know, and you can conveniently watch it right here:

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Depiction of an Animal Hoarding Scene

We discuss our preliminary thoughts on what we know about animal hoarding, a human psychological condition that affects hundreds of thousands of animals in North America per year, and Alison shares an article excerpt depicting one rescuer’s visceral experience of what she saw and felt upon encountering a dog hoarding situation, to paint a more detailed picture of the realities of this condition. From a pitiful, sobbing woman, to a rotting corpse of a once living creature, what we describe may be rather shocking.

This article goes quite in depth into the story, and can be fully accessed here.

Dan Jackson, Executive Producer, “Confessions: Animal Hoarding”

For our feature interview, we speak with Dan Jackson, who is the Executive Producer of a new television series on the Animal Planet network called “Confessions: Animal Hoarding“. This documentary series delves into the little known world of animal hoarding and each episode profiles people who are animal hoarders; that is, people who keep many more animals than they are able to care for. The program takes an in depth look at the people and animals affected by hoarding and the challenges of confronting this unusual psychological condition. We speak to Dan about the harm that hoarding causes both to humans and animals, and what can be done to address and help it.

One of the episodes of “Confessions: Animal Hoarding” profiles a woman named Sharon, who keeps 84 cats in her house. A short video segment from this show describing Sharon’s situation can be viewed here:

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