Erica Kubersky, MooShoes & Becci Gindin-Clarke, Liberation BC

Erica Kubersky, Owner of MooShoes NYC

In this episode, Joanne caught up with Erica Kubersky, co-owner of MooShoes in New York City. Erica and her sister Sara opened up the first ever vegan shoe store in North America nine years ago in New York City. Since the establishment of MooShoes the powerhouse sisters have inspired multiple vegan shoe stores to pop up all across the USA. As if that’s not enough, Erica and Sara are also the co-owners and designers behind Novacas – a cruelty-free and sweat-shop free brand of shoes. It was a pleasure and delight to meet and chat with one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs in the vegan movement.

Becci Gindin-Clarke, Liberation BC on leather

Becci is the Research and Information Director of Liberation BC. She recently compiled an in-depth page on the Liberation BC website about the leather industry. We couldn’t think of a better follow up interview to the previous one with MooShoes. Most people think of leather as being “harmless” as it surely must just be a by-product. However, Becci reveals some very disturbing information about the leather industry that may convince you to never purchase another pair of leather shoes again.

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