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Animals in Science Policy Institute’s Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy and Dr. Jonathan Balcombe, author of “What A Fish Knows”

A feature interview with Elisabeth Normandy of the Animals in Science Policy Institute on bringing non-animal teaching methods to the classroom. Plus, an interview with ethologist Jonathan Balcombe on the sentience of fishes.

Jonathan Balcombe on The Inner Lives of Fishes, & Animal Rights 2016 National Conference Preview

A feature interview with ethologist Dr. Jonathan Balcombe on The Inner Lives of Fishes, plus an interview with program organizer Michael Webermann on the Animal Rights 2016 National Conference, coming up in July. Also, animal exploitation in the media for Father’s Day.

Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals, and Animal Rights Day in Vancouver!

Joanne talks about a very successful Vegan Bake Sale fundraiser for the University of Victoria bunnies that was held this week, and the power of cupcakes and cookies as a form of animal activism by grassroots activists. Then we talk with Leanne McConnachie of the Vancouver Humane Society on Animal Rights Day in Vancouver, which will be celebrated on August 6th. Finally, a feature interview with Jonathan Balcombe, author of “Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals”.