Susan Standfield-Spooner’s Animal Activism Journey and Lawyer Anna Pippus on Documenting and Reporting Animal Cruelty

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Gojigo Founder Susan Standfield-Spooner’s Unique Journey to Veganism and Activism

Two weeks ago, I met Susan at the Land of Hope and Glory film screening and talk by Earthling Ed in Vancouver. She was bursting at the seams with passion and strategies for animal rights projects…I couldn’t keep up with her, conversationally and her vast knowledge of the law, human behavior, our school system and relevant industries was well beyond my understanding. With a rich background in many fields of work and a positive entrepreneurial spirit, this mother of two is unstoppable in her mission to transform our global food system through education and create a more  compassionate, environmentally friendly world.

Susan co-founded Vancouver’s “Hope In Shadows” anti-poverty venture, and the Children’s Photographic Gallery of Kenya which, in its first 12 months, generated $60,000 of shared revenue with a home for disabled children in Northern Kenya, she produced a documentary film, an art exhibit, created a TV pilot program promoting youth employment, ran art and photography projects and classes.

In this interview, Susan offers insight into her fascinating life and tells her story of how a kidnapping and war inspired the creation of her own vegan business Gojigo and her current campaign, Edible Planet.


Animal Rights Lawyer Anna Pippus on How to Document and Report Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is all around us, whether it’s a transport truck travelling long distances in all weather conditions delivering frightened and injured animals to a slaughterhouse, or kidnapped, imprisoned and depressed animals at zoos or aquaria, or dogs left in cars during the summer months. Since there are so many legal cruel practices which animals are subjected to, many of us feel that we are powerless in our ability to defend them, but that isn’t always the case.

Animal Justice’s Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy Anna Pippus is an expert in Canadian Farmed Animal Law.  In this interview, Anna explains how to effectively document and report animal cruelty so that you can be the best possible advocate for the animal(s) and get the message out to the media with clarity and urgency. Anna has also created some information for activists so that they can empower themselves with knowledge on Canada’s Health of Animals Act and Regulations. Click here for more info.



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