Cow Appreciation Day with RASTA Sanctuary & Toronto Cow Save

July 7, 2017

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On this show, we honour Cow Appreciation Day. Taking place this year on July 11th, Cow Appreciation Day was originally started in 2005 by American fast-food chain Chik-A-Fil, as a “humorous” promotion attempt to convince people to eat more chicken instead of cow flesh. More empathetic humans have since appropriated the day to raise awareness of the sentience, intelligence, and wonderfully various personalities of cattle, inspiring others to treat them – and all animals – with compassion. We start the show by sharing some of our own perceptions and experiences with our bovine friends.

Lucie Cerny, RASTA Sanctuary


Theodore, living peacefully at RASTA Sanctuary in Chemainus, BC.

Our first guest is Lucie Cerny, founder and director of RASTA Sanctuary – a cageless, no-kill sanctuary for animals located in Chemainus, BC. Named after Lucie’s beloved late dog, RASTA is a registered Canadian charity devoted to animal rescue and protection through public education.

Theodore is a bovine residing at RASTA Sanctuary. Born to a dairy cow, he was taken from his mother at just a few hours old, and destined to endure the tragic and short life of a veal calf. After suffering the conditions of a B.C. dairy farm, he developed medical problems which the farmer chose not to address – the veterinary costs would exceed any profits they could make off his flesh. Theodore’s poor health turned out to be what saved his life: after being found discarded on a pile of manure, he was rescued and taken to RASTA Sanctuary. Now 10 years old and nearly three thousand pounds, Theodore is living out his natural life free from harm and exploitation. An ambassador for his species, his presence at RASTA is inspiring compassion, and raising awareness among visitors of the cruelty of cattle farming.

James O’Toole, Toronto Cow Save

Our feature interview is with James O’Toole, an activist with the Save Movement in Toronto. The Save Movement is a network of groups around the world that bear witness to cows, pigs, chickens, and other farmed animals en route to slaughter. The movement started in 2010 in Toronto, and today there are over 130 groups worldwide. James joins us to discuss the lives and experiences of cattle, and what activists with Toronto Cow Save witness when they see these gentle animals on their way to be killed for profit.


Cow looks out of transport truck just outside slaughterhouse gates. Toronto, Canada, 2012. Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

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